Public Relations As Part of a Marketing Function

by Twenty7 Inc

The days of public relations being as a second-class citizen to other disciplines of marketing are gone.PR is becoming more deeply integrated into the top marketing campaigns from the beginning, whether it's delivered by an internal team or by a PR agency.pr agencies in Delhi

In the past, it was typical, even for big brands, to just throw out the latest campaign to the PR agency and ask 'could you write an announcement on this please'.Although this may occur, the most effective campaigns are designed with good PR and stunts, news angles and opportunities for ongoing media content integrated from the beginning.

"Integrated" is an overused term in the marketing and PR industry , but its use is a good reason to use it.

The nature of a marketing campaign is widened due to the variety of options for media such as direct, print broadcast, online and social, it becomes more important to deliver the correct message to the right people at the appropriate time.

To ensure that the public relations effort isn't slacking or perhaps isn't a bit off-target due to timing, it must fit into the marketing strategy right from the beginning.

This is why it is crucial for organizations to include a PR expert within their marketing team who can offer a behind the surface view to your strategies.Along with being an essential element of any marketing campaign an effective PR consultant must be able to spot the potential pitfalls in media for any plan.best pr agency in Delhi

Many campaigns have been launched in the past that have failed due to the lack of knowledge of media relations for media relations. Dixons "the last place you'd like to visit' slogan was the kind of slogan that is susceptible to being slammed by journalists.When the critics begin to come in and ads are pulled from the print and online advertisements, who comes to write statements, manage calls, and clear off the mess?It is the PR team.

There shouldn't be any disconnect If you continue to view your marketing department as separate to the PR function, you're missing opportunities and losing time.The most effective teams also have a direct line of communication and comprehension of the HR and management functions.pr agency in Delhi NRC

In the end, if you're saying one thing and your company is doing something else, then it's just an issue of time before your marketing team has to ask an expert in PR to come in and sort things out.